With the wind on the Ferry

Although our overnight stay was not idyllic, but the morning shows that it was good , but still drive over the second small pass. On the other side, a dark cloud has in fact wedged over there and the weather is not very pleasant. At night, we had it pretty fresh , I think it was around 8 degrees. czytaj dalej

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Christmas travels on new ferries

A street with small restaurants is found quickly , we opt for a grill restaurant, chicken, liver, fish and vegetables are ordered quickly , quickly grilled and eaten even faster. Then it's back on a giant shopping mall with brightly lit department stores and hundreds of people on the street , a bit like Christmas on Berlin Friedrichstrasse , only much warmer. czytaj dalej


Skyscrapers and Ferry trips

Expectant skyscrapers are covered with green networks like leprous skin; expectant private buildings , however, wearing pajamas with longitudinal stripes in washed-out blue - white-red. Among the home - tracked develop at a rapid peace of mind to butterflies. czytaj dalej


Ferry Trips and new ideas

The Driver to My Tho has a new phone and shows it proudly around : a silver Porsche with keyboard and display on the belly , heavy quality, the elegant wooden box brought from China : under the passenger seat , we discover four more of these boxes , They will then probably sold off to friends during the day. czytaj dalej

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Ferry and cruise ship ideas

That goes to the Germany tradition founded last year with great success the days of Germany in the next round: the discussion forum on the role of Germany in Europe and the world takes place from 9 to 12 September, shortly before the elections. Also the topics that are discussed under the motto "Let's talk about Germany! czytaj dalej

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Ferry travel and overall wellness

Looking for more tourists, the Hungary have discovered well the healing power of water. The grape juice in no device behind. When Miklós blasts with his five team on the Puszta, also experienced riders among the spectators applaud him. It's a feat to keep galloping on the back of two rear horses on the legs. czytaj dalej

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